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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snow Geese back in lower Arkansas Valley

I'm back in Colorado and found today that the Snow Geese, and possibly Ross'Geese, are returning to the lower Arkansas Valley area where they winter each year. I took these photos at Neegranda Reservoir, one of the complex of irrigation reservoirs known now as the Great Plains Reservoirs (though they are still referred to by the old names).

There were about 800 white geese (mostly Snow Geese, but some Ross' Geese may be in there also) on Neegranda plus another 150 I saw flyover. There were a hundred or so dark headed geese (most likely Canada Geese), about 75 white-headed gulls, 40-50 Clark's and/or Western Grebes, plus hundreds of assorted waterfowl there also.

At the Upper Queens Reservoir across the highway I saw another 350 white geese. By mid-winter there will be tens of thousands of white geese in this area and the reason there is a Snow Goose Festival in Lamar each February (keep in mind we are holding our Colorado Birding Trail launch at this year's Snow Goose Festival, with special events including Pete Dunne).

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