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Friday, May 25, 2007

Black Phoebe nest

I have watched the Black Phoebes at my friend's spend a lot of time around this footbridge where Black Phoebes have nested in the past several years. Again today I observed a Black Phoebe fly out from under the footbridge in a location that cannot be seen without laying on my belly and hanging my head down to look upside down at the underside of the bridge.

What a pain this was! (this gets more difficult with age) My knee is still bothering me so I only put weight on one knee, requiring me to use my arms to get up and down from a prone position on the hard cement. I hold on to some support wires and lean on cement pieces in order to accomplish this. It was even more difficult to hold my digital camera upside down to take a photo of the underside of the bridge, and the pics weren't very good. So I just held my camera in a right-side-up position over the bridge, aiming where I thought the nest was located--this worked and I got this photo.

The top pic is an enlargement showing a very classical Black Phoebe nest attached to the wall of a structure over water with some overhang or covering over it . The middle pic is the same one with less enlargement (and I lightened it a lot with editing software as it is fairly dark under the bridge here) so the bridge structure and a little of the water below is visible. The bottom pic shows from the top what this footbridge looks like, with cement and metal stuff on both sides where the nest is located (I have marked the location with a red X where the nest is located on the underside of the footbridge).

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