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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Listing on website

I was delighted to read a comment on my July 30 post that this blog had been chosen to be listed on website. This is a new website with a lot of outdoor information that streams shows on hunting, fishing and boating. The comment noted, "We recently added a blog section to our site. We love your blog, and we added it as a link. Thanks for providing such great content. .."

Being placed on this website, to which I did not apply (and hadn't even known about it's existence), is pretty cool especially since this is only the 24th birding blog they have added to their site out of the hundreds that are out there. And this provides more opportunities to promote birding in SE Colorado to a national audience that will be attracted to their webpage.

I emailed the writer and told her that I was pleased and thought it made sense to have birding blogs on their site as I now several birders who are fishermen and hunters. Also I know people who are primarily fishermen and hunters who enjoy watching birds.


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