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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chihuahuan Ravens also at Las Vegas NWR

I also found these and at least 5 more Chihuahuan Ravens at the Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge. Chihuahuan Ravens are larger than American Crows, like those in the last post, and Common Ravens. As these pics show pretty well, they have long nasal bristles with shortish bill. Both species of ravens have shaggy throats and wedge-shaped tails though those on Chihuahuan Ravens are shorter than Common Ravens and longer than crows. Though not particularly apparent in these pics, I found the Chihuahuan Ravens at the Las Vegas NWR are much shaggier than those I usually see around Canon City and other parts of SE Colo.

The difference between American Crows and these Chihuahuan Ravens is easier to visualize by comparing these pics with those in the last post. There were also a number of Sandhill Cranes and lots of common waterfowl at the Refuge but I wasnt' able to get any pics of those (but I will be seeing more this trip and should get pics later). SeEtta


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